Five Facts about Life Insurance Medical Exams

Medical exams are a subject you will come across if you want to buy a life insurance policy or are just looking at the options available to you. While medical exams are not compulsory when buying some life insurance policies, in most cases they are essential. If you are preparing for life insurance medical exams or just want to know about these exams, this article is for you. Here are five facts about life insurance medical exams.


You do not need to go to a hospital for your life insurance medical test. The nurse or doctor that will conduct your exam can come to your home to take the necessary information and samples. FACT 2

Life insurance medical exams are in two stages. When you go for your medical exam, you will first answer some questions concerning your health, family history or lifestyle. After the first stage, you will have to give samples (urine or blood) to the doctor or nurse for examination.


You can slightly improve the results of your medical exams through a lifestyle change. However, you will not be able to hide evidence of deadly illnesses. We advise that you eat healthier, drink more water, reduce caffeine intake and rest more before your life insurance medical exams.


Life insurance medical exams do not check for the obvious illness. These exams check your body for symptoms of underlying illnesses. These illnesses could arise after you have bought a life insurance policy. These exams can check for symptoms of heart disease, cancer, and even diabetes.


The medical exam can take only 20 minutes to conduct. After you answer a medical questionnaire, all you have to do is provide samples for examination. It is a quick process.