Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance Medical Exams

Has your life insurance company scheduled you for a medical checkup? Do you want to know all about life insurance medical exams? We have got you covered.

What is the life insurance medical exam?

It is simply a process your life insurance company use to review the basic information you filled out in your life insurance application.

Why will my life insurance company require a medical exam?

Medical exams are needed to check your full medical history and to find out any hidden medical conditions you might not be aware of.

Who carries out the life insurance medical examination?

You will be examined by a licensed medical expert which is usually a nurse.

Will the life insurance exams be done in a hospital?

No, you will be examined in the comfort of your home. The medical expert will bring a kit to test and take samples from you.

What type of samples will be taken?

Your blood will be taken to check for HIV, cholesterol level, protein, and glucose level. Also, your urine samples will be taken to test for cocaine, HIV, creatinine, protein, and glucose level.

What other procedures should I expect in my life insurance exam?

Your weight and height will be measured. In addition, your pulse and blood pressure will also be entered into the records.

What type of questions will be asked during a life insurance medical exam?

You should expect to hear questions about your medical history, lifestyle habits, type of life insurance you want to buy, and family’s medical history. The contact details of your doctor will also be gotten from you.

How long will the life insurance medical exam take?

Everything will be done in approximately 25 minutes.