How Life Insurance companies Make Profits

Life insurance companies provide a service where you pay small amounts of money periodically, and your beneficiary receives a larger sum of money after your death. But have you thought about how these companies make profit? Worry no more as we’ve shown below the different ways life insurance companies make their profits.


Yearly, a lot of people pay premiums to their life insurance providers. The premiums they pay are put into short and long-term investments. The company may invest in bonds, stocks, and other interest growing markets. The interests and profits they acquire from these investments are one of the ways life insurance companies earn profit.

Early withdrawals

If you wish to cancel your life insurance contract, you may receive a percentage of the premiums you have paid already. The insurance company keeps the rest of the fees you have paid. Depending on the type of insurance policy you have, some insurance providers do not give you a percentage of your premiums. Here, the companies keep all the premiums you had paid previously.

Lapsed contract

Insurance companies make profit when people abandon their contracts. If you stop paying your premiums, after the grace period, the insurance company can cancel your policy. The company keeps all the fees you had paid before.

Calculation of estimated payouts

Insurance companies try to analyze your information and price your premium correctly. They also consider your health when pricing your premium. They do this with all their clients to know how much in claims they may have to give yearly. This process ensures that they make profit even when they have to pay insurance claims.