How to Get a Life Insurance Policy

Getting a life insurance policy is not as hard as people claim it is. In just three easy steps, you can be the proud owner of a life insurance policy.

Fill out an application

One of the first steps required of you while getting a life insurance is to fill out an application. This application contains questions regarding your health history, height, name, weight, the health history of your family, your lifestyle habits among others. You should also be ready to answer questions about your income and tax returns. Please ensure that all the details you give on your application are true. If your life insurance company detects that you lied in your application, they have the right to seize your premiums and also cancel your life insurance policy.

Get a medical checkup

Your life insurance company would require you to undergo a free medical examination to ascertain your health status. This action might include taking your blood and urine sample. In addition, your blood pressure, weight and height would be entered into the records. Some life insurance companies might even go further by making you take chest x-ray and EKG. Apart from you, your family’s medical history will also be reviewed. This medical examination is simply to determine your level of risk factor to the life insurance company.

Begin your premium payment

After filling out your application and undergoing medical tests, you can start paying your premium. By this time, you should have selected a life insurance policy that you can easily afford on your income. For avoidance of doubt, you should choose a life insurance policy that is the same with your future lost earnings. Remember that if you choose a premium higher than your income and do not continue with payments, your life insurance policy will be canceled.