Reasons Why Your Life Insurance Application May Be Declined

Several many reasons abound why your life insurance application may be declined. Here, we will explain some of these reasons.

Low income

A life insurance company may decline your application if your income is too small. If you want large insurance coverage on a small income without having any assets, insurance companies may refuse your application.

High-risk job

If you have a high-risk job, life insurance companies can decline your application.  Some life insurance companies are not going to cover you if your job increases your death risk.

 A record of bad driving

If you have been in car accidents, insurance companies may not want to accept your life insurance application. If you also have a lot of tickets for driving under the influence of alcohol, insurance companies may not give you insurance coverage.

Dangerous activities

Your life insurance application may be denied if you have dangerous hobbies. Hobbies like rock climbing and sky gliding could make it hard to get life insurance. Life insurance companies consider these hobbies to be high-risk.

 Proof of terminal illness

 If you are very ill, the possibility of getting life insurance coverage is low. Most life insurance companies will not provide their services to people they know will die soon. Illnesses such as cancer, lupus, ALS etc. can make insurance providers deny your life insurance application.


Alcoholism is one main reason why life insurance companies can decline your application. Excess use of alcohol can cause damage to your liver. Life insurance companies do not like to give alcoholics insurance for this reason.

If you have tried to buy life insurance from other life insurance companies and failed, your life insurance application may be declined. Furthermore, if you lie on your application, you will not get life insurance coverage.