Typical Life Insurance Health Questions

Whether you like it or not, there are some health questions your insurer will ask you before your application can be approved. To answer the questions appropriately, here are some typical life insurance health questions you should be well-prepared for.

Do you smoke or have you smoked before?

If you are the type that only vapes, you may still qualify for non-smoking rates. However, if you smoke cigarettes or weed, you are liable for paying more premium.

Do you abuse drugs or alcohol or both?

If your answer is yes, rest assured that qualify for smoking rates. What this means is that you will be charged more for the life insurance policy.

Do you have any medical conditions?

In a word, don’t lie to your insurer, lest you may not get the desired coverage. Let your insurer know whether you have cancer, HIV, cardiovascular disease, mental problems, or any terminal illness so that you can get the right quotes.

How often do you fall sick?

The number of times you fall sick in a year has a direct link to the amount of premium you will pay annually to get coverage. That is, the more you fall sick, the more expensive your life insurance policy is.

Do you take any prescription?

Most insurance companies ask this question to know how severe your health condition is.

Do you have any family history of diabetes, stroke or cardiovascular diseases?

For instance, if you admit that you have a medical history of diabetes, your insurer will assume that you are likely to have diabetes in future. And of course, they will charge you more for that.