How to Buy Life Insurance After a Hysterectomy

It might be difficult getting life insurance after a hysterectomy but it is not impossible. If you have had a hysterectomy, the following tips will help you know what to expect when buying a life insurance policy.

Causes of your hysterectomy

What was the reason for your hysterectomy? Your answer to this question will determine if you will be accepted or rejected by your life insurance company. We have listed the major causes of hysterectomy and how they will affect your life insurance application below:

  • Endometriosis: There is no need to worry if your hysterectomy was caused by endometriosis. It usually has no impact on your premiums because life insurance companies do not see it as a serious problem.
  • Uterine fibroids: This will not affect your life insurance premiums as it is not considered life-threatening.
  • Uterine prolapse: If your hysterectomy was caused by uterine prolapse, you can easily get life insurance. And what’s more, your premiums will not be affected in any way.
  • Cancer: You would be classified as a high-risk individual if your hysterectomy was due to cancer. In some cases, the life insurance company might choose to decline your application. However, if the cancer occurred a long time ago, you could be qualified for a reasonable premium rate.

Likely questions you will be asked

During your application, you will be required to provide answers to the following questions:

  • When did you have a hysterectomy?
  • What caused the hysterectomy?
  • What type of medications or treatments did you use before and after the hysterectomy?
  • Did any complications arise during and after the operation?
  • What is the prognosis after the procedure?
  • Do you have any other problems with your uterus and reproductive organs?

Your answers to the above questions will determine the amount of coverage and premium rates that would be set for you by your insurer. Therefore, it is pertinent that you answer these questions honestly so that you will not be disqualified.

The application process

When you have completed your life insurance application, you will have to take a medical exam. This exam will reveal other factors like your height, weight, blood group, and other medical conditions you might have. Normally, it will take 4-6weeks for your application to be approved by your life insurance company.