Reasons to Consider a No Exam Life Insurance Policy

Contrary to widely-held beliefs, you do not need to undergo a medical examination to qualify for life insurance. Therefore, if you are in the process of buying life insurance, we’ve highlighted some reasons why you should get a no exam life insurance policy.

  1. You have not visited your doctor for a long time

The last time you visited your doctor can determine whether or not you will get life insurance. In some special cases, your life insurance company can use that as an excuse to either grant or deny you life insurance. So, if the last time you visited the hospital for checkup was more than two years ago, you should definitely consider a no exam life insurance policy. Besides, even though you might think you are in great shape, undergoing a full medical examination could reveal health issues you might not be aware of. And this could, in turn, lead to an increase in the rate of your premiums.

  1. You need life insurance quickly

Applying for life insurance is a long and extensive process that could last from 6-8 weeks on average. Thus, if you do not have this amount of time to spare, a no exam life insurance plan can be ideal for you. In most cases, your life insurance company can approve your no exam life insurance policy in a matter of days or even minutes.

  1. You are scared of blood, needles or doctors

Most people cancel their visits to meet a doctor because they are afraid of needles and blood or because anything related to hospitals give them a lot of anxiety and stress. Besides, the trauma they experience during medical examination could increase their blood pressure temporarily. In addition, this high blood pressure could have a negative effect on their life insurance application. So, if you have a phobia for hospitals, save yourself the stress and get a no exam life insurance policy.