The Truth About Life Insurance with Asthma

Asthma is a global disease with no cure. It affects 235 million people around the world, mostly children in the developing countries. Under-treated or under-diagnosed, asthma can lead to death. And it is not uncommon for people suffering from asthma to be worried about whether they can get coverage for life insurance. But we believe with this guide, parents and people with asthma can know the truth about life insurance with asthma.

  1. You are likely to get life insurance coverage if you have asthma and you are likely to pay more than you should.
  2. Every life insurance company has different rates for providing life insurance with asthma.
  3. Life insurance service providers have this habit of taking up to 3-6 months before they can approve your application.
  4. Hiring an independent life insurance agent will help you save costs and get the best life insurance policy for asthmatic patients in the market.
  5. Before you can get life insurance coverage, life insurance underwriters will ask you several questions like the date you were diagnosed with asthma, the frequency of asthma, the medication you are using, whether you’ve been hospitalized for asthma before, and your age.
  6. You will also undergo a medical exam, which will significantly affect your rates.
  7. The more critical your asthma is, the more premiums you will pay.
  8. Never lie about your health condition to life insurance providers. They will cancel your application or refuse to provide the agreed benefits if they find out that you cheated.