The Truths About Life Insurance After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass is a weight loss surgery that helps you to reduce your stomach size, thus making you eat less and feel full sooner. Some people also undergo this surgery to ameliorate diabetes, improve sleep, and reduce their body mass index (BMI). Nevertheless, gastric bypass has downsides such as digestion issues, sagging skin, and other side effects which life insurance companies put into consideration when they are reviewing your application. Therefore, if you are have done gastric bypass surgery before and you are planning to buy life insurance, below are the truths about taking such decisions.

  • You are 100% guaranteed that life insurance companies will provide you with either temporary or permanent life insurance after your gastric bypass surgery.
  • All insurance companies have different rates for providing life insurance after gastric bypass surgery.
  • You can increase your chances of getting the most favorable rates for life insurance gastric bypass surgery if you hire an independent life insurance agent.
  • Unless you prefer the no-exam policy option which is not cost-friendly, life insurance companies will require you to answer some questions and take a medical exam.
  • Before you get coverage, life insurance underwriters would like to know whether there were complications after gastric bypass surgery, whether your weight loss is stable, your smoking and drinking habits, the date you had the surgery, and the type of surgery you had.
  • Your medical exams, including the answers to the above questions, will determine your premium rates.
  • By and large, the more complications you have after gastric bypass surgery, the higher the premiums you will pay.
  • Lying to insurance companies is a recipe for disaster. If your insurer finds out you lied, you will lose your coverage and not get the desired benefits.
  • You can reduce your premiums by undergoing regular exercise, eating less fatty food, avoid alcohol and anything related to smoking or vaping.