The Truths About Life Insurance for Smokers and E-Smokers

If there is one habit that is so addictive and difficult to quit, that would be smoking. From America to China and Europe, many people love smoking. Even some doctors and medical practitioners who know the debilitating effects of smoking are not immune to this habit. That’s just to tell you that smoking is a religion which many people are not ready to quit no matter how governments or World Health Organization try to discourage the habit. If you are a smoker who is planning to buy a life insurance policy, here are the truths about life insurance for smokers.

  • Most, if not all, life insurance companies will provide you life insurance coverage if you smoke or vape.
  • Whether you vape, chew tobacco products, or smoke cigars, you are a smoker from an insurance perspective.
  • If you smoke cigarettes occasionally like once in a month, some insurance companies will classify you as a “non-tobacco user” or celebratory smoker. But if you smoke cigars, most insurance companies will classify you as a smoker.
  • The more chronic your smoking habit is and the older you are, the more premiums your insurer will ask you to pay. In fact, insurance companies will categorize you as a “tobacco user” if you smoke frequently.
  • If you are classified as a smoker, you are likely to pay at least two times the cost of what a non-smoker will pay.
  • Even if you tell only smoke once it a while, life insurance companies will still test your blood and urine samples to know your health status.
  • Each life insurance company has different life insurance rates for smokers and e-smokers. In order words, they have different criteria for how many number of cigars or cigarettes you need to take in a month before such habit can be considered smoking.
  • You are likely to get a fair deal if you hire an independent life insurance agent to find the right life insurance service provider for you.
  • Never lie to your insurer about your smoking habit. If they find out you lied, they may deny you your claim or even cancel the policy.