The Truths About Life Insurance When You’re Pregnant

Many people have been asking us several questions about life insurance during pregnancy. Some readers asked whether they would be able to qualify for any life insurance while they are pregnant. Some clients even inquired whether or not pregnancy affect their life insurance rates while they are pregnant. Others asked whether it is cost-effective and easy to get life insurance during or after their pregnancy. If you fall into any of those groups, we strongly advise you to read the below lists to know the truth about life insurance when you or your loved ones are pregnant.

  • You are likely to get a temporary or term life insurance if you are pregnant
  • In most cases, pregnancy will not affect your life insurance rates if you are in a good health condition.
  • The best time to get life insurance during pregnancy is during the first or second trimester.
  • Your application is likely to be denied if you have any serious complication during pregnancy. In fact, most life insurance companies would advise you to deliver your baby first before applying for coverage if you fall into such category.
  • In order to know whether you are eligible for life insurance, your insurer will ask you questions your age, your medical history, history of pregnancy complications, your pregnancy weight gain, and blood pressure.
  • Each life insurance company has its own life insurance quotes for pregnancy. So, even if one life insurance company denies your application, another insurance provider may accept your application.
  • Getting an independent life insurance agent is a sure method of getting a fair life insurance deal.
  • Lying to insurance companies is a bad idea. If your insurer finds out that you lied, you will not get what you bargained for.