The Truths About Life Insurance with a Stent

A stent is a tiny surgical device which is used to open a blocked coronary artery. However, like the blood vessel, this tiny tube can become damaged or blocked too. And this can result in breathing problems, infections of the vessel, kidney stores, and internal bleeding. Life insurance companies are aware of these complications. And they want to make adjustments for such risks which can lead to the death of clients with a stent.

If you want to know how life insurance companies consider people with risks, read on to learn about the truths about life insurance with a stent.

  • You can still purchase a life insurance policy if you have a stent.
  • No two life insurance service providers have the same quotes for life insurance with a stent. This means you will get different quotes from different life insurance companies.
  • The more the number of stents you have in your blood vessels, the more premiums you will be charged.
  • Except you prefer the no-medical-exam option, life insurance underwriters would want you to take a medical exam to confirm your health status.
  • Typical health questions you will be asked during the medical exam include the number of stents you have, how long you have had the stents, a history of your stroke or heart rate, the result of your recent echocardiogram, your current ejection fraction, and other serious health condition you have.
  • It may take about 4-6 months before your life insurance application will be approved if you have an incredible number of stents in your body.
  • A recipe for disaster is lying to life insurance underwriters about your health condition or family history. If you lie, you will not get your death benefits and your coverage will be terminated.
  • It is more prudent to hire an independent life insurance agent so that you can get the best quotes in the marketplace.