The Truths About Life Insurance with Addison’s Disease

If you are planning to buy life insurance with Addison’s disease, you are not alone. Addison’s disease is a health condition in which your adrenaline glands cannot produce sufficient steroid hormones needed by the body. This leads to joint pains, extreme fatigue, weight loss, low blood sugar, and even darkening of the skin. According to research, Addison’s disease affects both males and females in all age groups. And the life expectancy of males and females is 64.8 years and 75.7 years, respectively. Life insurance companies know about this, and they try as much as possible to cover the risk. That’s why you need to know the following truths about life insurance with Addison’s disease.

  • Most, if not all, life insurance companies provide coverage for people with Addison’s disease.
  • Insurance companies like to take their time, about 6 months, before deciding whether to provide coverage for individuals with Addison’s disease.
  • All life insurance companies have different rates for providing coverage for people with Addison’s disease, so finding the right life insurance provider will go a long way to help you reduce costs.
  • The premiums you will pay is a function of how severe your Addison’s disease is and how efficient you can manage the disease.
  • Even if you lie that your Addison’s disease is not critical, insurance companies will still want you to undergo a medical exam to know your real health status.
  • During the medical exam, your underwriter will ask you related questions such as the symptoms you experience, your medical history, the date you were diagnosed of Addison’s disease, and the medication you are taking to ameliorate the symptoms.
  • The answers you provide in your life insurance questions, including your medical exam, will determine the cost of coverage you will get.
  • Getting an independent and qualified life insurance agent will help you to get the best life insurance policy if you have Addison’s disease.