The Truths About Life Insurance with Arthritis

Arthritis, also known as joint disease, is a prominent health problem among the elderly. Some children are not immune to this disease, too.  People suffering from this health condition often experience such symptoms as stiffness, pain, swelling and a decreased range of motion. You may not even be able to walk or climb stairs properly if you are diagnosed with arthritis. But there is nothing to be scared about so long you know the following truths about life insurance with arthritis.

  • Most life insurance companies consider arthritis as a huge risk factor.
  • Only a few life insurance companies provide coverage for life insurance with arthritis.
  • Chances are that your application will be decided if arthritis has damaged your lungs and other vital organs.
  • Each life insurance company has different rates for life insurance with arthritis.
  • The type and severity of your arthritis will have a significant influence on the amount of premium you will pay. In order words, the class of arthritis you belong will determine the cost of your life insurance policy
  • Hiring a life insurance agent will help you get the best deal from your insurer.
  • Whether you lie or tell the truth about your health condition, your insurer will examine your body to ascertain your health status.
  • Questions your insurer will ask you during the medical exam includes the date you were diagnosed of arthritis, the deformity you have due to arthritis, the parts of your body affected by arthritis, and how often you take drugs to ameliorate the adverse effects of arthritis.