The Truths About Life Insurance with Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a health condition that possesses lots of threats to human lives. It has no cure. And according to WHO, about 400, 000 people die annually due to this liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus. If you have either acute or chronic hepatitis C and you are looking forward to applying for life insurance, we believe the following truths about life insurance with hepatitis C will help you tremendously to make the right life insurance decisions.

  • You are more likely to get life insurance coverage if you have acute hepatitis C than if you have chronic hepatitis C.
  • Before your application is approved, life insurance companies will want you to undergo a medical exam.
  • Important questions you should expect during the medical exam include the date you were diagnosed with hepatitis C, the medication you are using, the symptoms you are experiencing, whether your liver function enzymes have been diagnosed, and how often you visit the clinic.
  • Your reply to the above questions will also be used to determine your rate.
  • It may take about 6 months before life insurance underwriters will approve your application. They do this to monitor your health and review your health risks.
  • You can decide not to do the medical exam and opt for a no-medical life insurance policy, but this will cost you more.
  • The more critical your hepatitis C is, the more it will cost you to get coverage. To say it another, the more damaged your liver is, the more premiums you will pay if you want coverage.
  • Like other industries, each life insurance company has their own life insurance quotes for people with hepatitis C. So, even if Life Insurance Company A rejects or charges you high premiums, that does not mean that Life Insurance Company B will do so.
  • Your beneficiary will not get your death benefit if you lie about how severe your hepatitis C
  • You have more chance of getting a fair life insurance deal if you hire an independent life insurance agent to do the search and the running around for you.