The Truths About Life Insurance with High Cholesterol

Contrary to what most people think, cholesterol is good for the body. It’s only when you accumulate lots of cholesterol – due to consuming too much fatty food – that you need start worrying about your health. This is because too much cholesterol can block your heart vessels and cause dangerous inflammations which restrict the flow of blood in your arteries. One way you can protect your health against high cholesterol is to own a life insurance policy. Such measure will help you to defray your health costs, as well as provide financial support for your loved ones. Without further ado, below are the truths about life insurance with high cholesterol.

  • You are 100% guaranteed of getting life insurance if you have high cholesterol levels.
  • It takes about 3-6 months for your application to be approved if you have an extraordinary cholesterol level.
  • All life insurance companies offer different quotes for people with high cholesterol levels.
  • The outcome of your medical exam will determine the amount of premium you will pay. That is, the higher your cholesterol level is, the more premiums you will pay.
  • Questions you will be asked during your medical exam includes your eating habits, your lifestyle, your family history, your smoking and drinking habits, your current cholesterol levels, and your current medication.
  • Your response to the above questions will influence your premium rates, too
  • Remember, lying about your medical status is tantamount to deciding that you are interested in your life insurance benefits.
  • Hiring an independent life insurance agent will assist you to circumvent all the rigorous process of finding the right life insurance quotes.