The Truths About Life Insurance with Paget’s Disease

Are you experiencing any pain or unusual feeling in the hips, joints, back or neck? Or are you finding it difficult to walk or climb stairs? This may be due to Paget’s disease. But all hopes are not lost if you have Paget’s disease, an ailment that could weaken other bones. There are treatments for such health condition. And if you are wondering whether you should get a life insurance policy to provide financial support to your loved ones when you are no more, here are the truths about life insurance with Paget’s disease.

  • A vast majority of life insurance companies will provide you coverage if you have Paget’s disease
  • Before you are given the right cover, a life insurance underwriter will consider the progress of the Paget’s disease, your symptoms, when you were first diagnosed with Paget’s disease, the medications you are taken, and other related health conditions.
  • Life insurance companies will want you to undergo a medical exam to confirm your health status.
  • The more the severity of your Paget’s disease, the more premiums you will pay.
  • You can decide to select a no-exam medical life insurance plan to expedite the underwriting process, but such decision attracts higher premiums.
  • No two life insurance companies have the same quotes for life insurance with Paget’s disease.
  • You are likely to get the best deal if you hire an independent life insurance agent to search for the right life insurance coverage for you.