The Truths About Life Insurance with Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer, unlike ovarian cancer, is the most common cancerous disease associated men between the age bracket of 20 and 35 years. No one what causes this disease, but life insurance companies know that you are a considerable risk to them if you have testicular cancer. Well, if you don’t know whether or not you have testicular cancer, you can check your testicle or scrotum for symptoms such as an unusual lump or discomfort. Whether or not you are sure about the health status of your testicle, below are the truths about life insurance with testicular cancer.

  • In most cases, you will be needed life insurance coverage if you have testicular cancer.
  • Your underwriter will want to know the severity of your testicular cancer, your medical history, and the symptoms of the disease before you can get the desired cover.
  • If your testicular cancer is critical, rest assured that it may take about 4-6 months before most life insurance companies will approve your application. Some may even decline your application if they believe the risk is not worth taking.
  • All life insurance companies do not have similar quotes for life insurance with testicular cancer.
  • The level of severity of your testicular cancer will influence how much premium you will pay.
  • Your beneficiary will not get your death benefits if life insurance companies find out you deceived them intentionally.
  • Getting an independent life insurance agent will help you to save costs and time.