The Truths About Life Insurance with Essential Tremor

Even though essential tremor affects more than 10 million people in America today, only a few people know what essential tremor is. If you are just hearing this term for the first time, essential tremor is a movement disorder accompanied with uncontrollable shakiness of affected body parts. This neurological disorder can affect the tongue, head, or legs, but it commonly has unintentional rhythmic effects on...Read More

Tips for Passing Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

All traditional life insurance policies require a life insurance medical exam. Except if you prefer the no-medical-exam option which is more expensive, life insurance underwriters will want you to undergo a medical exam. The purpose of this medical test is to have a thorough understanding of your health condition and to calculate the total cost of your life insurance policy. And you need to pass...Read More

Typical Factors That Influence Your Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance premiums are of paramount importance to the business model of life insurance companies. And the life insurance premiums of every policyholder are different from others. This means that even if you and your loved ones are applying for the same life insurance policy, your life insurance premiums will be different. Why? This is because of the following factors: Health Your health status matters...Read More

The Truths About HIV Life Insurance

HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic affecting more than 36.7 million people around the world, according to UNAIDS. Of this figure, only 60% of people living with HIV know whether they are HIV positive or not. Such individuals are in a better position to get the right antiretroviral regimen and live a normal life. If you have been diagnosed with HIV and you are planning to...Read More

The Truths About Getting Life Insurance with Marijuana

As many states in the U.S. now allow the use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, parents and young adults are buying THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) products to alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety. But the bad news is that despite these benefits, marijuana affects the growth and development of the brain in the long haul. It leads to memory loss, breathing problems, nausea, and mental problems....Read More

The Truths About Getting Life Insurance with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a health condition characterized by bloody discharge from the nipple and an unusual lump in the breast. Estimates have shown that at least about 1.7 million people around the globe suffer from breast cancer which is more common among women. But as more and more people are becoming aware of breast cancer, chances of survival have improved in recent years. This is...Read More

The Truths About Getting Life Insurance as a Foreign National or Non-US Citizen

If you don’t have a residency status in the U.S., you will at best be classified as a foreign national or non-US citizen. You are also a non-US resident if you stay outside the U.S. for more than 3 months. But being a foreigner does not mean you cannot get coverage in the U.S. In fact, purchasing a life insurance policy as a non-US citizen...Read More

The Truths About Life Insurance with Anxiety Disorder

There is nothing bad being anxious to pass an exam, meet a deadline, or achieve a goal. However, when the anxiety gets out of control, it can be said that you have anxiety disorder. Symptoms of anxiety includes restlessness, fatigue, sweating, unwanted thoughts, insomnia, and poor concentration. Whether you have panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, or generalized anxiety disorder, life insurance companies will...Read More