The Truths About Getting Life Insurance with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a health condition characterized by bloody discharge from the nipple and an unusual lump in the breast. Estimates have shown that at least about 1.7 million people around the globe suffer from breast cancer which is more common among women. But as more and more people are becoming aware of breast cancer, chances of survival have improved in recent years. This is due to treatment options like lymph node dissection, tissue expansion, chemotherapy, estrogen modulator, mastectomy, and mammoplasty. And if you have or recovering from breast cancer, the following are the truths about getting life insurance with breast cancer.

  1. You are more likely to get life insurance if you have breast cancer.
  2. Unless you want a no-exam-medical policy which is more expensive, life insurance companies will want you to undergo a medical exam and answer some health questions before your application will be approved.
  3. Typical questions you will be asked include the date of diagnosis, your current symptoms, your current medication/treatment, whether you smoke or drink alcohol.
  4. Your response to the above questions, as well as the severity level of your breast cancer, will determine the cost of your life insurance with breast cancer.
  5. The more severe your breast cancer is, the higher your premiums.
  6. The price of life insurance with breast cancer varies from one life insurance service provider to another.
  7. You can get the most affordable life insurance with breast cancer if you hire an independent and trustworthy life insurance agent.