The Truths About Life Insurance with Essential Tremor

Even though essential tremor affects more than 10 million people in America today, only a few people know what essential tremor is. If you are just hearing this term for the first time, essential tremor is a movement disorder accompanied with uncontrollable shakiness of affected body parts. This neurological disorder can affect the tongue, head, or legs, but it commonly has unintentional rhythmic effects on the hands.

The good news is that essential tremor does not lead to untimely death, and you can use treatment options such as medication, therapy, to surgery (MRI-guided focused ultrasound surgery) to treat chronic shaking or rhythmic spasm. And if you are planning to get cover for this, here are the truths about life insurance with essential tremor.

  • Most life insurance companies will give you cover if you have less severe essential tremor.
  • Life insurance service providers have different quotes for life insurance with essential tremor. That is, the rates are not the same across board.
  • To qualify for life insurance with essential tremor, you will be required to take a medical exam and answer some questions about your health, both of which will influence the cost of your life insurance plan.
  • It may take about 3-6 months before before your application will be approved if you have chronic shaking.
  • Your application can be approved in less than a week if you opt for the no-medical-exam, which is more expensive.
  • Typical questions you will be asked during the underwriting process are the date you were diagnosed with essential tremor, your symptoms, your medication, your family history, and whether you use alcohol, marijuana, and other stimulations.
  • Your premiums depend on the severity level of your essential tremor.
  • Hiring an independent, trustworthy life insurance agent is one way you can get the best and the cheapest life insurance policy in the market.