Tips for Passing Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

All traditional life insurance policies require a life insurance medical exam. Except if you prefer the no-medical-exam option which is more expensive, life insurance underwriters will want you to undergo a medical exam. The purpose of this medical test is to have a thorough understanding of your health condition and to calculate the total cost of your life insurance policy. And you need to pass this medical exam, lest your application will be declined. Here are tips for passing

Quit unhealthy lifestyle

Two weeks or a month before the medical exam, you should try as much as possible to taking anything caffeine, cocaine, marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol. You should also drive safe to ensure that your driving record is untainted. And eat healthy foods, not those junks you buy at groceries.

Get plenty of rest and avoid stressful activities

You should avoid any intensive workout or any routine that leads to stress and anxiety. Most importantly, you need to start a routine of sleeping at least 8 hours in a day, prior to the medical exam.

Drink lots of water

Water is very beneficial to the body. It can help you to stay healthy and balance the excess salt and sugar in your body.

Have a list of all your medications

Whether you like it or not, life insurance underwriters will want to know all the medications you’ve taken to treat your symptoms. So, it is always better to prepare a list of all the medications you’ve taken to avoid a situation in which you will be asked to take the medical exam again.

Don’t eat anything on the exam day

You don’t want to screw up your blood pressure on that day because of eating cheese, pizza, or fruits. So, try not to consume any food on the day you are scheduled for the exam.