Pros and Cons of Decreasing Term Life Insurance

Decreasing term life insurance refers to a term life insurance policy where the value of the death benefits reduces every year until the end of the policy. By the end of the policy duration, the value of the death benefit is zero.  To help you make the right the right decisions, here are the pros and cons of decreasing term life insurance. Pros of decreasing term...Read More

What is Convertible Term Life Insurance

Convertible term life insurance is a policy that allows you change from term life insurance to whole life or universal life insurance. This change does not require any medical tests. Term life insurance is a policy that provides coverage for a period agreed on in your life insurance contract. Whole life or universal life insurance provides coverage for the rest of your life. From the...Read More

What is the Perfect Duration for Your Term Life Insurance

Before you buy that new term life insurance policy, have you thought about how long it should last? Well, we have listed some factors you should consider that would help you select the perfect duration for your term life insurance. Your mortgage You should take your mortgage into account when selecting a duration for your term life insurance. How many years will it take you...Read More

What is Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance, also known as pure insurance, is an insurance policy in which you pay a fixed premium for a specific period of time. The period may range from 1-30 years depending on the insurance company, and you can renew your coverage after the expiry period. But if you want to renew your existing term life insurance, the premium you will pay depends on...Read More

How to Get the Cheap Term Life Insurance

It is important to buy life insurance to ensure your loved ones have financial stability after your death. Term life insurance is an affordable life insurance option. Term life insurance means that your stated dependent receives money if you die within the period in your contract. However, not all term life insurance policies are the same. Below, we have explained the ways you can get...Read More

Why You Should Not Convert From Term Life Insurance to Permanent Life Insurance

Term life insurance is one that covers a particular period while permanent life insurance covers the whole period until you pass away. At times, your insurer may try to persuade you to convert from term life insurance to permanent life insurance. Here’s why you should not switch: Monthly premium costs are high Unlike the premium of term life insurance, the monthly premium cost of permanent...Read More

Why You Should Convert From Term Life Insurance to Permanent Life Insurance

Most people opt to purchase term life insurance which provides coverage for a specified period. This plan tends to be cheaper, but below are some of the reasons why you can convert your term life insurance policy to a permanent life insurance plan. Availability of cash value Permanent life insurance policies provide you with cash value which accumulates over time. You can withdraw the available...Read More

Which Period Is Perfect For Term Life Insurance: 20 or 30 Years?

After deciding on term life insurance as your preferred type of life insurance, you still have to choose the term period of the policy. You can select any number of years between 10 and 30 years in terms of five years. The perfect period for you would depend on your reasons for taking up life insurance. 20-year term life insurance period The 20 year-length term...Read More

Types of Term Life Insurance

If a term life insurance is what you are looking to get, then you should definitely know about its different types. We have listed the most common types of term life insurance, along with their facts and benefits, to help you make the right choice. Guaranteed level term life insurance This type of term life insurance is the most common and basic type. It has...Read More

Pros and Cons of Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a formidable type of life insurance policy. But before you take the leap, we strongly advise you to digest the following pros and cons of term life insurance. Pros Affordable: Term life insurance is very cheap and affordable compared to other types of life insurance products. If you have sound health, your monthly premium could be less than $50 for a...Read More

Is It Worth It to Convert to Term Life Insurance?

Are you presently shopping for a new life insurance policy in the market? Have you considered converting from your current life insurance plan to term life insurance? Here are some reasons why you should make that switch today. It is easy and cost effective If you need a simple to understand life insurance without any technical jargon, then term life insurance is the perfect fit....Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Term Life Insurance

Are you hesitant about going for a term life insurance plan? Hopefully, these questions that are often asked about term life insurance policies will help you decide. Are all term life insurance policies similar? No. There are different types of term life insurance policies to suit various categories of people. Which type of term life insurance should I choose? We advise that first, you determine...Read More

Pros and Cons of Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance

The annual renewable term life insurance is one that gives you coverage for a period of 1-30 years, while also giving you the option to renew at the expiration of your contract. While it could be appealing due to the renew option it has, it is essential that you know both the pros and cons before you go ahead to purchase it. Without further ado,...Read More