What is Joint Life Insurance

Joint life insurance is a type of a life insurance policy designed for more than one person. Policyholders of joint life insurance policy are mostly couples who depend on each other’s income to meet the family needs. It is also for individuals who want lifetime coverage. Even though this type of life insurance can be in the form of term life insurance, most joint life...Read More

Single Life Insurance vs. Joint Life Insurance

When married couples wish to buy life insurance, there are two popular options: single life insurance and joint life insurance. A single life insurance policy is a policy that covers only one person. This policy pays the death benefits to your beneficiary if you die within the period stated in your life insurance contract. A joint life insurance policy, however, covers two people. Here the...Read More

Pros and Cons of Joint Life Insurance

It is a fact that all happily married couples want the best for their children. If you are a married person contemplating whether you should either get a single life insurance policy or a joint life insurance policy for your beneficiaries, we strongly advise you to consider the following pros and cons of joint life insurance. That way, you can secure your family future and...Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Joint Life Insurance

If you and spouse are ready to get life insurance, why not buy a joint life insurance? And if you are just hearing about joint life insurance for the first time, we have answered some frequently asked questions about it. What is the joint life insurance? It is basically a life insurance policy that is made to provide coverage to couples or partners in the...Read More