The Truth About Selling Your Life Insurance

Have you been entertaining the idea of selling your life insurance? Generally, people cash in their life insurance policy because they can no longer afford their monthly premiums. Another common reason is that they have no dependents. Some policyholders even sell their life insurance with the aim of financing an emergency. Regardless of why you want to sell it, it would be great if you...Read More

Reasons Life Insurance Companies Can Cancel Your Policy

All life insurance companies are always obsessed with making the right decision and at the right time. And as a life insurance policyholder, you are not the only one who can cancel your life insurance policy. Your insurer too can terminate your life insurance plan due to the following reasons. Fraud Most times, policyholders try to outsmart life insurance companies by lying about the severity...Read More

Top 3 Companies That Provide Life Insurance Services

Nothing is more fulfilling than buying your insurance policy from a reliable and reputable insurance service provider. You get the best customer support and the best deal at an affordable price. So, what are the essential qualities that you need to look out for when comparing life insurance services? You’ll need to check: Their policy provisions Their history of operations Their financial strength ratings Based...Read More

How Life Insurance companies Make Profits

Life insurance companies provide a service where you pay small amounts of money periodically, and your beneficiary receives a larger sum of money after your death. But have you thought about how these companies make profit? Worry no more as we’ve shown below the different ways life insurance companies make their profits. Investments Yearly, a lot of people pay premiums to their life insurance providers....Read More