The Truths About Getting Life Insurance with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a health condition characterized by bloody discharge from the nipple and an unusual lump in the breast. Estimates have shown that at least about 1.7 million people around the globe suffer from breast cancer which is more common among women. But as more and more people are becoming aware of breast cancer, chances of survival have improved in recent years. This is...Read More

The Truths About Getting Life Insurance as a Foreign National or Non-US Citizen

If you don’t have a residency status in the U.S., you will at best be classified as a foreign national or non-US citizen. You are also a non-US resident if you stay outside the U.S. for more than 3 months. But being a foreigner does not mean you cannot get coverage in the U.S. In fact, purchasing a life insurance policy as a non-US citizen...Read More

Why Stay-at-Home Mums Should Get Life Insurance

Most stay-at-home mums sometimes believe that they don’t need life insurance just because they are not contributing anything to the family’s finances. If you belong to this school of thought, you cannot be more further from the truth. In this article, we have given reasons why a stay-at-home mum needs life insurance. To pay for household expenses Stay-at-home mums are regarded as everything in one....Read More

Why Single People Also Need Life Insurance

Single people are those who are not married, let alone have children of their own. Individuals who fall into this group often think they don’t need life insurance. But experience has shown that some circumstances or futuristic goals may compel them to own a life insurance policy. Here are the top reasons why single people need life insurance. You have dependents. If you are a...Read More

Why Business Owners Need Life Insurance

As an adult and income earner, a life insurance policy helps you care for your dependents even when you die. As a business owner, you need to have in mind that a lot of people depend on you, including your business partners, employees and clients. For this reason, you as a business owner needs life insurance. However, there are many reasons why business owners need...Read More

When You Don’t Need Life insurance

Are you ambivalent whether you should own a life insurance policy or not? Contrary to what proponents of life insurance will tell you, not everyone needs life insurance. Life insurance is not oxygen that you cannot do without. And you should not bother to own a life insurance policy: If you have no beneficiary Your beneficiary is someone whom you love and trust, someone who...Read More

Life Insurance: A Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

Ask people what they want as a gift and you will get answers like phones, laptops, or concert tickets. But the problem with all those material things is that they don’t last long or create a lasting impression on someone we love. If you are a parent or grandparent wondering what to buy for you loved ones, a good suggestion is life insurance. Granted, they...Read More

The Truth about Life Insurance Contestability Period

The life insurance contestability period is the duration of time used by your life insurance company to determine whether your family will receive your death benefits or not. It typically lasts for two years and begins from the day you buy your life insurance policy. It is different from the suicide clause Most people believe that the contestability period and suicide clause are the same...Read More

The Truth about Life Insurance Table Ratings

When buying life insurance, your insurance provider assesses your age, health and family medical history. This assessment is to estimate how long you may live and the risk of insuring you. If the insurance provider sees that you have a low risk of dying, you can purchase life insurance at a standard rate. If the assessment shows that you have a high risk of death,...Read More

The Truth about Cashing in Your Life Insurance

During periods of difficult times, most people tap into their life insurance as a means of having easy access to cash. Unfortunately, these individuals are not aware of the full implications of their actions. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you should know the entire truth about cashing in your life insurance policy. It reduces your death benefits Withdrawing cash from your life insurance...Read More

Reasons the Rich Buy Tons of Life Insurance

Despite the fact that the U.S. President Donald Trump has signed one of the biggest tax cuts in history, the rich will not give up on their hopes of buying lots of life insurance. Here are some of the reasons why the rich like owning tons of life insurance. To protect their assets from tax Under the law, wealthy people who are no more are...Read More

Life Insurance Vs Funeral Insurance Plans

Once you have decided to plan your funeral preparations, you might be confused choosing between life insurance plans and funeral insurance plans. Both of these insurance policies can provide finances for your funeral expenses but that is where their similarity ends. We have made a comparison between life insurance and funeral insurance to help you make an informed decision. Application Life insurance requires you to...Read More

How Your Business Can Benefit From Life Insurance

Every serious business organization needs life insurance in place to aid its operations. However, most companies are not aware of the benefits they could get from using life insurance. In this article, we will highlight some of those life insurance benefits. To Manage cash flow With your life insurance policy, you are always assured of access to funds whenever you want it. Most life insurance...Read More

How to Determine Your Life Insurance Health Class Ratings

Your health class rating is of paramount importance. The reason is that life insurance companies typically use your health class to establish your risk level and premium rates. To help you predict your health class, we will look at the factors used to determine your health class and the health classification itself. Factors that decide your health class Your life insurance company uses a number...Read More

How to Claim Life Insurance for Missing People

Claiming life insurance for a missing person can be complicated if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are in the process of taking such an action, we have outlined the steps to take to claim life insurance for missing people. 1. Authentication of death This is the first step in claiming life insurance for a missing person. It involves the submission of...Read More

How to Buy Life Insurance After a Hysterectomy

It might be difficult getting life insurance after a hysterectomy but it is not impossible. If you have had a hysterectomy, the following tips will help you know what to expect when buying a life insurance policy. Causes of your hysterectomy What was the reason for your hysterectomy? Your answer to this question will determine if you will be accepted or rejected by your life...Read More

How Life Insurance Can Boost Liquidity

Most people are not aware that their life insurance could be a source of reliable liquidity. If you are among such people, have in mind that life insurance can boost liquidity: For personal uses Most times, the assets of a family might be tied to a business, financial markets, or home. In the event of a major crisis, families would have to liquidate their assets...Read More

Getting or Not Getting Life Insurance after Retirement

Youths and adults are usually encouraged to buy life insurance. If you have term life insurance or a group term insurance policy from work, you may wonder about what to do when you retire. Should you buy a life insurance policy after retirement or should forgo the idea altogether? To help you plan for your future after retirement, here is a list of why you...Read More

Getting Life Insurance with a Criminal Record

Qualifying for life insurance with a criminal record can seem almost impossible. But with the right steps, the process does not have to be complicated. Outlined in this article are things you should know about getting life insurance with a criminal record. Why does a criminal record matter when applying for life insurance? Life insurance companies classify a criminal record in the same category as...Read More

Important Facts About Life Insurance Credit Ratings

You are not alone if you are looking for important facts about life insurance credit ratings. Some people have argued that credit ratings are unreliable, but many experts disagree. This is because such metrics have helped many people around the globe to make informed decisions. Whether you agree or disagree, below are some of the essential facts about life insurance ratings:  Insurance credit ratings are...Read More

Everything about Collateral Assignment of Life Insurance

The collateral assignment of life insurance refers to a situation in which you use your life insurance policy as collateral for a loan. That is, the money lender becomes the receiver of the life insurance benefits. If you die without paying the money you owe, the lender receives the debt benefits. Here is a list of everything you need to know about collateral assignment of...Read More

CDs Vs Life Insurance

It is common knowledge that CDs and life insurance are great financial planning tools. However, even though they are quite similar, these two saving vehicles have their unique strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of. In this article, we have made a comparison between CDs and life insurance to help you understand them better. 1.Security of your funds Usually, CDs are issued by...Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know Life Insurance Can Do

There are lots of misconceptions about life insurance. Some people will tell you that life insurance is only for the rich. Some will even tell you that life insurance is too complicated for an ordinary person to understand. Well, that’s not entirely true. And in this post, we tell you about five things you didn’t know life insurance can do. You can use your life...Read More

Annuities Vs Life Insurance

If you are drafting your long-term financial plan, you should definitely consider both annuities and life insurance. And to help you simplify your task, we have done a side-by-side comparison between annuities and life insurance. Death benefit Like annuities, life insurance pays out a death benefit to your loved ones in the event of your death. However, that is the only similarity between them. If...Read More

Life Insurance Vs Life Assurance

If you are among those who think life insurance and life assurance are the same thing, you are certainly wrong. However, you are not alone as this misconception is common in the world of life insurance. Hopefully, by the end of this article you should be able to differentiate between life insurance and life assurance. Coverage Life insurance gives you and your loved ones financial...Read More

Life Insurance: A Smart Investment

You must have heard that buying a life insurance policy is a wise investment plan. But have you ever thought that this statement is impossible in the real world? To clear any of your doubts, we will show you reasons why you should consider your life insurance as a smart investment. Its proceeds are tax-deferred The major reason why most people buy life insurance is...Read More

Life Insurance: A Retirement-Planning Strategy

You might not be aware that your life insurance policy can help you achieve your retirement dream. Even though this might sound unbelievable, it is certainly possible. We have outlined the strategies you need to take to ensure that your life insurance becomes a part of your retirement planning. Purchase term life insurance If you want a cost-effective life insurance policy that provides adequate coverage...Read More

Five Facts about Life Insurance Medical Exams

Medical exams are a subject you will come across if you want to buy a life insurance policy or are just looking at the options available to you. While medical exams are not compulsory when buying some life insurance policies, in most cases they are essential. If you are preparing for life insurance medical exams or just want to know about these exams, this article...Read More

Reasons Why Your Life Insurance Application May Be Declined

Several many reasons abound why your life insurance application may be declined. Here, we will explain some of these reasons. Low income A life insurance company may decline your application if your income is too small. If you want large insurance coverage on a small income without having any assets, insurance companies may refuse your application. High-risk job If you have a high-risk job, life...Read More

What is Guarantee Issue Life Insurance

Guarantee issue life insurance is a type of life insurance plan that requires no medical exam for you to qualify. Getting this type of life insurance coverage only depends on your age, gender and state of residence. Guarantee issue life insurance is particularly ideal for the elderly and people who cannot get other types of life insurance due to their health issues. Pros of guarantee...Read More

What is Credit Life Insurance

Credit life insurance is a life insurance policy that pays back all the money you owe after you die. The value of this insurance policy is the amount you owe. Hence, as you pay off your loans, the value of the policy reduces. When you are done paying your loans, the value of the policy is Zero. If you are wondering if this life insurance...Read More

What is Unbundled Life Insurance

Unbundled life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy where you also have a savings and investment component. You can use the savings and investments accounts while you are alive. After your death, your beneficiary receives a death benefit. This life insurance policy is also known as universal life insurance. To help you decide if this life insurance policy will suit your needs, below are...Read More

Types of Life Insurance

Before you apply for a life insurance policy, it is important that you are aware of the various types of life insurance that are available in the marketplace. The following are the three major types of life insurance policies that can meet your needs. Term life insurance Term life insurance is a life insurance policy that provides coverage – at a fixed rate – for...Read More

What is Return of Premium Life Insurance

Return of premium life insurance is a type of life insurance that gives you back your premiums at the end of your policy, if you are still alive. However, if you die within the period of your life insurance coverage, your dependents will only collect your death benefit. Return of premium life insurance popular terms of coverage are 20 and 30-years, and below are the...Read More

What is Annual Renewable Life Insurance

Annual renewable life insurance refers to an insurance policy with a one year contract that you renew every year. Your insurance company guarantees you insurability for some years, and your premium is reevaluated every year. Hence, your premium rises every year as you get older. Annual renewable life insurance is a great option if you need life insurance for a short time. It is also...Read More

What is Level Death Benefit

Level death benefit is a life insurance policy option which fixes the death benefit at a specific amount for the duration of the life insurance plan. For instance, if you purchase a 30-year life insurance plan, your death benefit will stay the same throughout the 30-year period. With level death benefit, the time a person dies has no effect on the life insurance policy. Just...Read More

What is Accelerated Death Benefit

An accelerated death benefit is a rider you can buy along with your life insurance policy. It allows you to take some of your death benefits while you are still alive. However, this money is removed from the death benefit given to your beneficiary after you die. Pros of accelerated death benefit You can benefit from your life insurance if you are terminally ill. If...Read More

Ways of Tracking Unclaimed Life Insurance Money

Individuals sometimes buy a life insurance policy without informing the person they name as their beneficiary. As a result of this, after their death, the beneficiary cannot claim the insurance money because they are unaware it exists. If you believe that you could be the receiver of insurance benefits, there are ways to make sure and claim the money. Here we will explain the ways...Read More

Typical Life Insurance Health Questions

Whether you like it or not, there are some health questions your insurer will ask you before your application can be approved. To answer the questions appropriately, here are some typical life insurance health questions you should be well-prepared for. Do you smoke or have you smoked before? If you are the type that only vapes, you may still qualify for non-smoking rates. However, if...Read More

Life Insurance Policies: Things You Need to Know

Looking to purchase a life insurance policy for yourself, friends or family members? Here are some essential things you need to know about life insurance. A knowledge of these will help you in making the right choice. Life insurance policy is a contract When you decide to file a life insurance policy, understand that it is a contract between you and the insurance company you...Read More

When is the Right Time to Buy Life Insurance

Having read about the benefits of owning life insurance, you may be asking yourself "When is the right time to buy life insurance?"’ The simple answer to that question is when you are young and healthy. If you are no longer young and at the prime of your health, the best time to pay for life insurance is NOW! Below we will explain why the...Read More

What You Need to Know about Life Insurance

Are you interested in getting life insurance? Or are you curious about the subject of life insurance? If your answers are yes, we’ve pointed out some important things you need to know about life insurance. The prices of life insurance policies vary Life insurance policies can be expensive or cheap. To say it another way, the cost of life insurance you buy depends on the...Read More

What Should Be Your Life Insurance Goals

Do you even know that your life insurance can help you achieve any key financial goals you currently have? Well if you don’t, grab your pen and notepad, and let’s consider some life insurance goals you probably need. To pay off your mortgage We are sure you would completely love to own your home. But that dream could be a long way off in the...Read More

Top 3 Companies That Provide Life Insurance Services

Nothing is more fulfilling than buying your insurance policy from a reliable and reputable insurance service provider. You get the best customer support and the best deal at an affordable price. So, what are the essential qualities that you need to look out for when comparing life insurance services? You’ll need to check: Their policy provisions Their history of operations Their financial strength ratings Based...Read More

Tips for Finding out If You Are a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy

If any of your parents, family members or spouse dies, there might be a possibility that they took out a life insurance policy while alive. There could also be another possibility that you are the sole beneficiary or one of the beneficiaries of that insurance plan. So how do you find out if you are a beneficiary of their insurance policy? Search documents for clues...Read More

Tips for Avoiding Life Insurance Mistakes

Even though life insurance is a great way to protect your loved ones, it comes with some risk that could negatively impact your finances and family, if you are not careful. We have listed out some tips to prevent you from making these mistakes in your life insurance policy. Review your life insurance needs regularly Most people make the common mistake of not reviewing their...Read More

Things You Need to Consider Before Signing Up For a Life Insurance Policy

So you have finally decided to sign up for a life insurance policy? Before you purchase any insurance policy, here are some of the things you need to take into consideration. Your insurance needs Everyone insurance needs vary. Some people want an insurance policy in order to help their children, spouse, and kids when they are no more. Some want it to cover only their...Read More

Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Life Insurance

Today, many people want to buy life insurance so that safeguard the future of their loved ones when they are no more. But the major challenge is that they don’t know how to go about the process. If you are among such individuals, below is a step-by-step guide to buying life insurance. Select a life insurance policy This is the first and most important step...Read More

Reasons Why Your Life Insurance May Not Pay You a Claim

Do you know there are cases where your life insurance company would not pay your claims to your loved ones?  We have outlined some of the reasons that might prevent you from cashing out your life insurance claims. Staying abroad If you are living outside of the US, that is enough reason for you not to get your life insurance claim. Unfortunately, not many people...Read More

Pros and Cons of Life Insurance

Should I get a life insurance policy now or invest my money elsewhere? This can be a very tricky question to answer when you consider the following factors: Your age Your income Your life expectancy Your occupation Your beneficiary Your short or long-term goals Your family (spouse and children) That said, here are the pros and cons of having life insurance. Pros Tax benefits: There...Read More

Myths and Misconceptions about Life Insurance Policy

There are several myths and misconceptions about life insurance. These have made it difficult for people to decide whether to buy life insurance or ot. Luckily, most myths are not accurate and below are some of them. It is costly to purchase life insurance This is the assumption of a lot of people when it comes to life insurance. Maybe it’s because they believe no...Read More

Limitations of Life Insurance

Like many other things we buy every day, life insurance has its own limitations too. But life insurance limitations are not cast in stone. They revolve around the following factors. Death Benefit Your insurer will not pay your beneficiaries any death benefit if you intentionally commit suicide within a specific period of time. And if there is no reasonable proof that you are dead, your...Read More

Life Insurance Trends 2018

The life insurance industry is evolving. Technological advancements play a huge role in influencing life insurance trends. Here, we will list and explain the top life insurance trends for 2018. Use of cloud for information collection One of the life insurance trends for 2018 is the use of cloud for information storage and collection. The cloud is an online storage space where you can keep...Read More

Life Insurance for the Physically Challenged

As a physically challenged, are you worried that you do not qualify for life insurance? Have you been discouraged from getting life insurance because of your disability? Hopefully, your questions will be answered in this article. Can I get life insurance as a physically challenged person? Yes you can! Most life insurance companies have different life insurance policies that are tailored to meet the needs...Read More

Life Insurance for Married Couples

If you just got married or have been married for years, life insurance is something you and your partner should consider buying together. It is popular for one of two partners to get life insurance, but we will explain what life insurance options exist for married couples. We will also explain the benefits of life insurance for married couples. Life insurance options for married couples...Read More

Life Insurance Tips for Employees

As an employee, you need the best life insurance scheme that can meet your needs. With the following life insurance tips, we believe that you will be well-equipped to make the right decisions regarding your life insurance plans for your beneficiaries. Decide how much coverage you need Are you the main provider of your family income? If so, have you ever considered how your children,...Read More

Life Insurance for Children

Buying life insurance for children is not very popular. This situation is because life insurance is meant to provide income after the death of the main salary earner. Here, we will tell you how to get life insurance for your child. We will also examine the advantages and disadvantages of life insurance for children. How to get life insurance for children Include your child in...Read More

Life Insurance for Spouse

When you are planning for the future, it is important to consider buying life insurance for your spouse. Purchasing life insurance for your spouse guarantees your financial stability if they die. Here, we will state the reasons why you need to buy life insurance for your spouse. We will explain how you can buy life insurance for your spouse. The disadvantage of purchasing life insurance...Read More

Life Insurance for Smokers

If you are a smoker or or a retired smoker, it is important to note that you could still qualify for the purchase of life insurance. Some people believe that smokers have low chances of qualifying for any life insurance plan. But that’s not true. Below we have listed out the things you need to know about life insurance for smokers. Use of tobacco products...Read More

Life Insurance for Seniors

Buying life insurance is cheaper when you are young and healthy. It becomes harder and more expensive as you get older. Despite this fact, there are life insurance policies targeted at seniors. Here we will explain the types of life insurance for seniors. We will also state the benefits of life insurance and how to get the best life insurance policy for seniors. Life Insurance...Read More

Is It Worth It to Convert to Term Life Insurance?

Are you presently shopping for a new life insurance policy in the market? Have you considered converting from your current life insurance plan to term life insurance? Here are some reasons why you should make that switch today. It is easy and cost effective If you need a simple to understand life insurance without any technical jargon, then term life insurance is the perfect fit....Read More

10 Important Terms You Need to Understand about Life Insurance

If you wish to buy life insurance, there are some important terms you need to understand. We see these terms regularly in life insurance contracts.  It is essential that you understand these terms before you sign any life insurance policy. We have compiled a list of 10 important terms you need to understand about life insurance. Beneficiary This is the person that receives the life...Read More

How to Calculate How Much Life Insurance You Need

Knowing how much life insurance you need could be confusing if you don’t know where to start from. In any case, we have outlined some steps you can follow to calculate how much life insurance you need. Assess your family’s expenses Sit down and list how much your family spends in a month. Are there any mortgages, student loans, estate taxes, medical bills or private...Read More

Fundamentals of Adjustable Life Insurance

Adjustable life insurance, also known as flexible premium adjustable life insurance, is a type of insurance that combines the features of whole life insurance and term life insurance. In simple terms, this adjustable life insurance gives you a lot of options to customize and change your whole life insurance policy the way you like without much hassle. More so, with this policy, you have features...Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance

Getting a life insurance policy can be one of the smartest decisions you can ever make. To help you make informed decisions, we’ve decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about a life insurance policy. Can I have more than one life insurance policy? You can have multiple life insurance policies. But this will cost you more than getting just a single life insurance...Read More

Frequent Questions Life Insurance Companies Would Ask You

When you are ready to buy life insurance, you should be ready for the intrusive questions your life insurance company will ask you. To give you an idea, we have listed some frequent questions your life insurance company will require you to answer. What is your family’s medical history? Life insurance companies typically review the medical history of your family so they can know how...Read More

Factors That Determine the Price of an Insurance Policy

If you are still pondering what factors determine the price of an insurance policy, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will inform you about those essential factors that influence the amount of premium you pay to insurance companies. Read on to learn more. Your health status and medical history Are you more than 50 years? Do you smoke, drink or...Read More

Categories of People Who Should Get a Life Insurance Policy

When the topic of discussion has its focus on life insurance, the crowd tends to thin out. These are due to several misconceptions about life insurance as well as other reasons. However, life insurance is essential for all and sundry. Below is an in-exhaustive list of people who should purchase a life insurance policy: Business owners More than anyone, business owners need life insurance. When...Read More

Buying Life Insurance Policy Online or Offline: Which One Is Better?

Owning life insurance is one of the ways to take care of your family after your death. The process of buying life insurance has been made even easier through the introduction of online services. However, the existence of online and offline purchase of life insurance may lead to confusion on what purchase method to use. To clarify this confusion, we have examined the advantages and...Read More

Tips for Finding out If You Are a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy

If any of your parents, family members or spouse dies, there might be a possibility that they took out a life insurance policy while alive. There could also be another possibility that you are the sole beneficiary or one of the beneficiaries of that insurance plan. So how do you find out if you are a beneficiary of their insurance policy? Search documents for clues...Read More

How to Select the Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance Policy

As an intending policyholder with a life insurance company, you would be expected to select a beneficiary for your life insurance policy. In simple terms, your beneficiary is the individual who will receive your death benefit when you are no more. Here are some tips to help you select a beneficiary. Pick your preferred class of beneficiaries There are two classes of beneficiaries in life...Read More
life insurance for parents

A Guide to Buying Life Insurance for Your Parents

Most times, parents take out life insurance for their children to give them coverage in case of any mishaps. However, it is not out of place for children to purchase life insurance policies for their parents. If you are looking to buy one, here’s a guide on how to go about it. Consult your parents You would need the consent and approval of your parents...Read More