Tips for Passing Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

All traditional life insurance policies require a life insurance medical exam. Except if you prefer the no-medical-exam option which is more expensive, life insurance underwriters will want you to undergo a medical exam. The purpose of this medical test is to have a thorough understanding of your health condition and to calculate the total cost of your life insurance policy. And you need to pass...Read More

Things You Should Not Do before Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Applying for life insurance involves taking a medical exam that can be uncomfortable for anybody. But just as long as you know the things to avoid before your life insurance medical exam, you can make the process as easy as possible. Here are some things you should not do before your life insurance medical exam.  Exercise We know exercise is a healthy habit and you...Read More

Medical Exam Vs No-Medical-Exam Life Insurance

Your life insurance application could require a medical exam or no-medical exam. It depends on which option you prefer. To help you make an informed decision, we have made a comparison between medical exam and no-medical-exam life insurance. Qualification A medical exam life insurance application typically requires details of your personal and family medical history. The underwriter also wants to know about your background and...Read More