The Truth About Selling Your Life Insurance

Have you been entertaining the idea of selling your life insurance? Generally, people cash in their life insurance policy because they can no longer afford their monthly premiums. Another common reason is that they have no dependents. Some policyholders even sell their life insurance with the aim of financing an emergency. Regardless of why you want to sell it, it would be great if you...Read More

The Truth about Medical Underwriting

Don’t let anyone confuse with the jargon “medical underwriting.” In fact, anytime you hear that word, have in mind that it means the procedures used by insurance companies to assess the medical status of their clients. This includes checking your medical history, examining your blood pressure and knowing whether you drink alcohol or take cocaine, marijuana and other unhealthy products. Another related term you should...Read More

The Truth About Life Insurance with Asthma

Asthma is a global disease with no cure. It affects 235 million people around the world, mostly children in the developing countries. Under-treated or under-diagnosed, asthma can lead to death. And it is not uncommon for people suffering from asthma to be worried about whether they can get coverage for life insurance. But we believe with this guide, parents and people with asthma can know...Read More

The Truth about Life Insurance Contestability Period

The life insurance contestability period is the duration of time used by your life insurance company to determine whether your family will receive your death benefits or not. It typically lasts for two years and begins from the day you buy your life insurance policy. It is different from the suicide clause Most people believe that the contestability period and suicide clause are the same...Read More

The Truth about Life Insurance Table Ratings

When buying life insurance, your insurance provider assesses your age, health and family medical history. This assessment is to estimate how long you may live and the risk of insuring you. If the insurance provider sees that you have a low risk of dying, you can purchase life insurance at a standard rate. If the assessment shows that you have a high risk of death,...Read More

The Truth about Cashing in Your Life Insurance

During periods of difficult times, most people tap into their life insurance as a means of having easy access to cash. Unfortunately, these individuals are not aware of the full implications of their actions. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you should know the entire truth about cashing in your life insurance policy. It reduces your death benefits Withdrawing cash from your life insurance...Read More